About Cultiva

Cultiva – Kristiansand Kommunes Energiverksstiftelse – was established 6. December 2000 by the Municipality of Kristiansand to ensure that a portion of the profits made from selling shares in Agder Energy Ltd. will be of lasting benefit to the community.

Cultiva (reg. no. 984 335 845) is organized as a foundation and  controls per 31.03.18 NOK 1,9 billion. The real return will be used for grants.

The objectives of the Foundation is to secure jobs and good living conditions in Kristiansand by providing grants to projects which set up art, cultural, and educational institutions or organisations that contribute to innovation, development and competence-building within the creative milieu of Kristiansand.

Our Board of trustees formulated in 2011 a new vision for the Foundation:

Kristiansand will become the leading city of culture for children in the Nordic countries. With this the city will become the best place for growing up and a city that children and their faimilies alike must visit.

The complete strategy document is available here.

Please contact us on email post@cultiva.no or telephone +47 380 380 20 for more information. Google translate can also be a help to get some information from our norwegian website.