Strategy Cultiva

A new strategic guiedline "Room for opportunities" 2021-2024 was approved by the board on the 7th of December 2020.

Secure jobs and good living conditions:

The foundation’s objectives are to secure jobs and good living conditions in Kristiansand through funding projects within art, culture, and knowledge.

After nearly 20 years Cultiva’s objectives are just as relevant. Increasing the number of people in the workforce is still a key task for Kristiansand. A higher degree of employment will strengthen the living conditions in the municipality, for the individual, for families and for the children. By enabling projects of high quality within art, culture, and knowledge, Cultiva will secure jobs and safeguard good living conditions for the people of Kristiansand.

Through projects and funding of establishing art, culture, and knowledge related organisations, Cultiva will contribute to innovation, development, and building expertise. High quality sports projects are part of Cultiva’s objectives.

Cultiva’s task is challenging, but important for the further development and appeal of Kristiansand municipality.

Balanced management:

Cultiva’s aim with the asset management:

  • secure the real value of the founding capital.
  • ensure the realisation of the objectives through stable and predictable annual disbursements.

The foundation largely utilises the GPFG (Norway’s oil fund) as a guideline for its own management, and the level of risk (shareholding) is weighed against the risk capacity (buffer capital).

The buffer capital strategy means we can endure turmoil in the financial markets without the yearly disbursements being affected.

New room:

The framework conditions for Cultiva’s purpose have evolved in three different areas since the last strategy period.

  • Kristiansand has expanded following the merging of municipalities, and we will work for the benefit of the entire municipality.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for us to be able to realise our objectives during new and unpredictable framework.
  • Large institutional investments from the previous strategy period will be developed, completed, and perfected. 

New ambitions:

Cultiva’s ambitions for this period is to be significant and relevant, and therefor flexible and adaptable.

  • Contribute to the digitalisation in the fields of art, culture, and knowledge.
  • Inspire sustainability within the fields of our focus areas.
  • Strengthen the revenue models for the projects we support.
  • Initiate stronger and binding collaborative projects.
  • Stimulate the exploration of the role of art and culture in the public space.

New opportunities:

Following nearly 20 years’ experience, as well as the challenges the pandemic has generated, we will create new opportunities through four strategy measures:

  • Program announcements with general guidelines related to Cultiva’s objective of securing jobs.
  • An increase in living conditions in Kristiansand.
  • Development of meeting places throughout Kristiansand, The digital house of culture, Skippergaten 24B and the Kunstsilo.
  • Further talent investment through e.g., Cultiva Express and Talent Norge.

Cultiva is open to unexpected ideas and applications.

Openness and participation:

Cultiva’s board meetings are open to the media and the general public, the board meeting minutes, and further documentation are easily available. In this way we want to contribute to participation along the way, and to create an understanding of our priorities and an involvement in the results.

Art, culture, and knowledge are powerful tools that Cultiva does not possess alone. We will utilise these tools in order to achieve our objectives. Cultiva’s form of communication must therefore be informative and explanatory.