The inflatable museum - Tour de Kristiansand

A 14-day inflatable art tour with seven performances in all corners of Kristiansand municipality

In town, by the shop, in the forest or by the water – where people are in the summer – the mobile museum will bring art out to people and create a framework where new art can emerge together with people and the places they visit. The inflatable museum is aimed particularly at people who don’t usually visit museums, and the ambition is to inspire people to dare to do things differently and in their own way. What will people meet? At first glance a large classical building, undeniably soft in its shapes but with windows, roof, and a large stately gate with columns. The audience can go inside the museum, discovering.

Who: JAM - Pelle Brage

When: 23. July until 6. August 2021

Personvernerklæring Cultiva ivaretar personvern ved å etterleve den norske personopplysningsloven og det sameuropeiske regelverket for personvern som loven implementerer i norsk rett (GDPR). Mer info
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