Queer Mug

Production of 200 mugs with queer role models, exhibition and performative happening.

Queer mug is a fun-filled project combining the joys of communication, with a large dose of humour, seriousness, and a dash of surprise. Sharing a cup of tea, coffee or champagne is a form of gesture that initiates friendship, conversation, a sense of community, a meeting with a stranger or a friend. The aim of using the everyday object, the mug, is to create a simple way of reaching in and being present in everyday lives of many Kristiansanders. Queer mug invites itself into people’s homes with the diverse, colourful, and unique mugs, and wants to initiate a more open and including conversation. With a Queer mug in ‘every’ home in Kristiansand. 

Who: Jo R. Abusland, Pia Eikaas og Kulturbyrået Mesén

When: 22. August until 29. August 2021

Foto: Eileen Gray; photo by Pia Eikaas, Virginia Woolf; Wiki commons; Georg Charles Beresford, James Baldwin; Wikimedia common; Allen Warren, photo of D2 coverfeature, photo of book by Ocean Vuong, Sappho and Erinna in a garden at Mytilene; wikimedia Commons; Simeon Solomon, Image of and by Paul B. Preciadio from wikimedia commons DELIGHT, Ambrosia Tønnesen; bilde via skeivt arkiv i Bergen Ambrosia Tønnesen og hennes statue av J. C. Dahl; Billedsamlingen; Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen, Petronelle Nielsen; faksmile fra Ringsaker; Veldre og Brøttums Historielag Årbok 2015 /skeivt arkiv Bergen, Audre Lorde in Austin TX; photo taken by K.Kendall Wikimedia Commons, Tove Jansson photo by Per Olov Jansson, Wikimedia common.

Personvernerklæring Cultiva ivaretar personvern ved å etterleve den norske personopplysningsloven og det sameuropeiske regelverket for personvern som loven implementerer i norsk rett (GDPR). Mer info
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