Illustrasjon: Secin Zunic

Pimp my castle

A co-creative street art project on a block of flats on Slettheia, and a forum theatre to develop dialogue.

Sedin Zunic has artistically decorated the national training program ‘Agents of Change working with negative social control and honour-based violence’ from RVTS.
The central artwork will now be painted on Slettheia where he grew up. Young dropouts will contribute to the working progress and the creative process will be used to challenge perceptions around how we view people and their values. The voices of the dropouts are important for society to understand. They lack confidence in the system, and a forum theatre is used to open difficult issues. ‘What appears logical to the kids is a hard nut to crack for the police, child services, schools and the rest of the support system who simply do not understand,’ says Zunic.

Who: Coolart Secin Zunic,

When: Release 16. May 2021

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