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My secret I

Documentary and debate

Vicar Gunstein Vetrhus (62) shared his powerful life story two years ago, a secret life as a gay man. Now his story is being filmed. Gunstein says that: ‘this is meaningful considering how many who struggle to dare to be themselves. Perhaps my story can help someone’. Through a cinematic testimony Gunstein’s story will be supplied with archive photos and old films from his childhood and teenage years, through to today – and tell the story of how from childhood, through teenage years, marriage, and life as a vicar he kept his sexual orientation a secret, and not coming out until the age of 60.

Who: Gunstein Vetrhus, Come Back Film AS v/Steffan Strandberg

When: 22. August til 29. August 2021

Personvernerklæring Cultiva ivaretar personvern ved å etterleve den norske personopplysningsloven og det sameuropeiske regelverket for personvern som loven implementerer i norsk rett (GDPR). Mer info
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