MAKTA // The Power

Experimental and cross-cultural-aesthetic actions in the public space, together with exploratory social media consumption.

The Power provide socially involved young people access to tools from contemporary art in order for them to create new, innovative and non-traditional forms of activism in the public space, and with it the strength and power to influence their own local communities and their own future. The young people are encouraged to find new and unconventional arenas for their artistic expressions and form of action. As a group young people do not possess a strong voice in the public discourse, and they can bring fresh perspectives, interpretations, and expressions to issues such as inclusion and diversity, climate, and environmental protection – and particularly communicate it in a way that reaches their peer.

Who. Fluks - Centre for young art, University of Agder 

When: 11. June until 17. June 2021

Personvernerklæring Cultiva ivaretar personvern ved å etterleve den norske personopplysningsloven og det sameuropeiske regelverket for personvern som loven implementerer i norsk rett (GDPR). Mer info
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