Foto: Tobias Aasgaard

Inequality – with equal opportunity

Documentary in four parts which showcases a variety of voices discussing issues related to different living conditions and opportunities, as well as relevant music and dance.

The songwriters and musicians of Oakland Rain write
politicised songs and aims to drive society forward through art by asking questions as well as naming emotions. Based on the songs Garden, Queens, Painter and Yellow Dress, the project invites young voices and local collaborators to tell their stories and show how strongly diversity can shine when there is room and opportunity for it to do so. The issues Oakland Rain highlights are diversity, gender roles, social exclusion, and gender identity.

Who: Oakland Rain AS - Maren and Charlotte Wallevik Hansen

When: 6. May until 31. August 2021

Personvernerklæring Cultiva ivaretar personvern ved å etterleve den norske personopplysningsloven og det sameuropeiske regelverket for personvern som loven implementerer i norsk rett (GDPR). Mer info
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